War-X OCR: Chaos with a Cause. Interview with Jake Moore

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Are you an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) fan? Or OCR-curious? Listen in and lean about an Ohio-based race course with Jake Moore . He is one of the creators and minds behind the event, War-X (War-Experience) obstacle course race. And it has grown into a full trilogy weekend for those who want to fill a weekend with not one, but THREE, events!

So what is War-X? Jake and I discuss:

  • The origins and true purpose
  • Their partnership with Operation Enduring Warrior 
  • Real guns and explosives??
  • Behind-the-scene info and sneak peaks
  • The Eliminator
  • Mindset and preparation
  • And more!

You don’t have to have been in the military to find and practice your own inner strength, or to tap into your inner warrior. We can all work on our Alpha minds, our resilience, in all parts of life.

Want to join War-X this year? Jake has extended a discount to listeners and friends. Let me know if you’re joining, so we can meet up and say hello!

Use this link, and discount code KCX10 to save 10% on registration

  • Facebook: @thisiswarx
  • Instagram: @thisiswarx
  • Operation Enduring Warrior: @operationenduringwarrior

Need some help figuring out how to eat or train for an Obstacle Course? Email Kate@DublinDietitian.com for some FREE resources to get you started, or discuss a coaching program to guide you along the way!

A few examples, depending on your goals/needs:

  1. Protein Basics – where to find good protein
  2. Collagen, Joint Health, and Athletics – preventing injury and boosting power
  3. Struggling to lose weight even though you’re “doing everything right”? Check out this past Podcast Episode.
  4. Join The EMPOWERED HEALTH group of Facebook, helping active people overcome migraines, GI issues, or joint problems

Remember to Use this link, and discount code KCX10 to save 10% on registration if you want to join War-X or the Trilogy!

Recognizing and Preventing Burn-out with Michelle Risser

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Stress has a ripple effect on the rest of your body and systems. Don’t ignore it!  

In today’s episode, Michelle Risser shares all about the importance of self care — as well as things we can do to prevent burn out. Michelle Risser, LISW. Michelle is a licensed therapist in private practice specializing in maternal mental health and trauma. She is also a consultant who is passionate about helping moms who work as therapists and helping professionals optimize their self-care and reduce their risk of burnout. 

Self care doesn’t have to be big or elaborate – don’t “wait for the perfect vacation” to recharge. You need to start to find small ways to incorporate rest AND recharge each week, if not each day. 

Hear some of Michelle’s favorite resources, apps, books, and see links below for additional freebies!

Michelle’s Goodies: 


Michelle’s Favorites: 

Collagen, Cartilage, and Repairing Tendons with Loading and Nutrition – a Research Review

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Torn tendons? Surgery, no more! At least, that’s what science and case studies are starting to look at — how to get the body to naturally heal and regrow torn tendons! And what may be some of the implication from that, regarding repairing your own cartilage to help with osteoarthritis?

It today’s episode, I will review some basics on how collagen works (or you can read more of those details in this article I wrote), and the difficulties of getting nutrients in to your tendons without exercise. Then we’ll dive into a case study and various research from Dr Keith Baar of UC Davis, professor and researcher with the Functional Molecular Biology Lab. He has many fascinating interviews on various podcasts (links below) and i’ll hit some of the key points he’s made from all of them in this episode, as well as review a case study from 2019 where they completely healed patellar tendinopathy (damaged tendon over the kneecap, “jumpers knee”) in a professional NBA player with just 20 minutes of rehab per week!

Surgery is controversial for knee pain, with many study reviews showing it has almost no benefit to skipping the surgery, and sometimes even sets the knee up for more issues down the road because you’ve now caused a controlled trauma to the knee. So it’s exciting to see research showing the advancements not only in how to heal tendons (and maybe cartilage eventually??) but also how to properly train and feed the tissues to help prevent injury.


Baar K. Stress Relaxation and Targeted Nutrition to Treat Patellar Tendinopathy. Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2019 Jul 1;29(4):453–457. doi: 10.1123/ijsnem.2018-0231. PMID: 30299199.



Dr Baar: 


Mindset Shifts for Busy Moms and Women Business Owners: Flourish in your Health to Flourish in your Life

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Busy parent or overworked C-suite staff? Too busy to take care of your weight and health?

It’s so easy for people to put their own health last, thinking they need to take care of all the other things first – work, family, household. But the truth is, when you take a little time to take care of yourself, you actually have MORE time, energy, vibrancy, and productivity to put towards those other parts of your life!

Today’s guest is Sheri Nash, a busy mom and business owner who learned the value of taking time for her health.

She was a client of mine a while ago, but her background is so common, I am excited to have her share her journey and things she’s been able to learn and do along the way. Starting from “I don’t even have time for breakfast because I need to take care of everyone else first” to now involving her kids in meals, playing even more tennis, and expanding her business ventures, Sheri has had a beautiful shift in her mindset to focus on her health in order to bring a better quality of energy to every other aspect of her life.

In addition, focusing on personalized nutrition helped with her asthma, joint pain, tennis performance, and weight loss that she thought would never budge.

Her story is so motivating! You CAN feel good, you CAN take care of yourself without “mom guilt,” and you CAN thrive in your business without losing your health! Listen in to hear how she does it all!

Sheri’s LinkedIn.

Foot Health and Knee Pain for Runners, with Physical Therapist and Running Coach Brianne Showman

For runners with chronic pain… Healthy joints start from the inside out, and the foot up!

Today’s Gut Check episode is on barefoot work, the importance of foot strength and exercises, and how all of that can have ripple effects up the body to help with knee pain, back and hip pain, running AND lifting performance, and more!

Brianne Showman is a personal trainer, physical therapist, and barefoot specialist who works with runners looking to overcome injury, or prevent injury. I met Brianne online – we both have a love for fitness, obstacle course racing, and figuring out root causes to pain and health issues. She was overcoming an injury at the time, and her philosophy of health was really a parallel to mine and the way functional nutrition approaches health. Getting down to the foundations and root cause, and fixing rather than masking. Brianne is a physical therapist, movement specialist, running technique specialist, and barefoot training specialist. Her primary role now is coaching runners and obstacle course racers to help them break out of their injury cycles so they can train and race at their highest level.

Connect with Brianne:

Product Shout-Outs:

  • Vibram shoes, @VibramUS
  • Born To Run by Chris McDougal