Functional Nutrition can help in any situation! But here at Dublin Dietitian, we specifically focus on these areas as our expertise:


Athletics & Wellness

We help you rebuild your body from the ground up. It is less a breakdown of specific meals and macronutrient timing, and more a way to optimize your systems. We use critical labs and personalized planning to ensure your body is properly absorbing protein and nutrients, check the nutritional status of your cells, protect the adrenal glands from over-training, reduce inflammation which helps with recovery, support healthy tissues and joints, and more.

Pain-related Issues

Arthritis, Joint Pain, Migraines, Post-concussion/Injury

GI-related Issues

.IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, Persistent Bloat, Reflux, GERD

Case Studies


A high energy mind, trapped in a body she felt at war with. When doctors had no answers for her pain and IBS, she reached out. A past collegiate athlete, Andee was trying to do all the “healthy” things, but it just wasn’t working. Once we tested and personalized, everything improved….View more


A Weekend Warrior trying to set a healthy example for his daughter, while gaining control of his chronic health issues. He came in with an open mind, willing to overhaul his lifestyle habits – and changes happened FAST!….View more


“Less than 14 days in [to the Empowered Healing Program] and already I feel less tired, and have less brain fog. And!! I just ran my best marathon splits EVER! I have so much energy!”


“Having definitive information about how specific foods impact me was VERY helpful, and so much more motivating that just saying I “shouldn’t” eat something. And now I’m moving so much better on the tennis court! I feel much more light and quick – even my coach has noticed the changes!”


Let’s build something great together.

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