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This is a nod back to an old recording Andee and I did, and it's now become a Gut Check Episode!And we're rewinding and going back to basics… What IS "healthy eating" and what IS "inflammation"?Let's explore!Andee and I go on a virtual tour of the grocery store to help start explaining what we mean by "healthy, whole foods" and pitfalls to watch for. We don't hit all the aisles, but join us as we start with:Whole foods vs "Edible Food-Like Substances"Plate portioningProduce and organicsDon't our bodies detox themselves?Meat, poultry, deli meat, and subgroupsFat-free vs full-fat dairy and when to pick whichSaturated Fat and Coconut OilFish and MercuryStarches (whole grains, starchy veggies)GlutenTouch on Spices and OilsAnd then we tie it in to how "inflammation" works for and against the body – why this matters, and why healthy eating matters!In health,~KateAdditional Resources:Want a comprehensive healthy food list? Check out the free 7 Day Challenge for a crash course on healthy eating for your gut, complete with an extensive food list!Need some help with fresh and healthy menu plans or accountability coaching? Check out the Menus or VIP Accountability programs here.Already eating this way, and need a more individualized approach? Check out The Empowered Healing Program.Unsure what you need? Click here to set a free Discovery Call to discuss the best options for you and your goals.Support the show
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