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Kathy B: Migraines, Food Anxiety, and More. Why the RIGHT test matters! The Gut Check: Nutrition and Gut Health for Recreational Athletes

I am so honored that Kathy was willing to share her story. Many people are private about their health and wellness journey, so it is exciting that she is willing to open up about her path in hopes of helping others learn: there CAN be answers!Kathy started with a Symptom Score of 47 (predominantly migraines/headaches, anxiety, and fatigue) and in less than 60 days, we got her down to a beautiful 28!She came to me frustrated, anxious, in pain. She had no answers from not only her conventional medicine practitioners, but even her Functional Medicine doctor was leaving her feeling hopeless. He had her taking the Everlywell test every 4 months, which created food anxiety with no symptom relief. And they had her on so many supplements she was stretched on money. And they began to say "we can't figure it out, you must have an autoimmune disorder creating these issues – let's go deeper, do yet more labs, and do yet more supplement protocols" Instead, we got the RIGHT test for her, and results were nearly instant. Here she is, sharing her story of how the Empowered Program has been different from other food sensitivity and functional medicine programs; how the relief of food anxiety has played in her life, and how, overall, she just feels better, is happier, and is able to be more “present” for her family.Support the show
  1. Kathy B: Migraines, Food Anxiety, and More. Why the RIGHT test matters!
  2. Chemicals, Cosmetics, Deodorant, oh my! Caring for our health through our skin with Massage Therapist, Angel Baker
  3. Performance Supplements: Inspiring, Educating, and Fueling Active Lives
  4. Back to Basics on Healthy Eating
  5. Innovative Wellness with Dr. Thomas Morse and Steffany Morse

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