Floral Extracts for Stress, Stress Eating, Anger, Relaxation, and More?

There is no “silver bullet” to health, yet there can be things that give us a big boost with little effort. And today’s episode is about one of those!

The monthly Research Review looked at the three studies I could find I one my favorite supplement components – and some discussion on the anecdotal evidence as well. Stress, inflammation, sleep, cravings, weight loss… imagine one supplement that can help with ALL of that!

One thing you can take to feel less stress, sleep better, boost energy, and turn less often to stress eating so you can stick to your health and fitness goals! too good to be true? Maybe.

But let’s look at the data, it is – at the very least – compelling.

The initial research is from 2006, and was looking at its affect on helping prevent stress-induced eating and weight gain. Two additional studies in 2008 and 2013 go deeper.

So what is this “as close to a silver bullet as we can get” item?

It’s a patented blend of floral extracts called a Relora Blend. So, let’s first start with what IS Relora, and then we’ll hit the research. Listen in!

Talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or dietitian about Relora and the Thorne Elite Multivitamins and see if it could help you with your health journey.

Read more:

Relora: https://thor.ne/3nQsu

Elite Multivitamin: https://thor.ne/alz5i


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