Favorite Items

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This page may contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you, where I may earn a small commission. Due to the complexity of many of my client’s medical mysteries, I am limited on how many I can work with at a time, so these commissions help me cover the free content I put out publicly on Facebook and my website. Thank you for your support! I am honored to help educate and empower people on their life journeys!

{Full reviews coming in 2022!}

  • Thorne Elite Multivitamins
  • Coach Soak
  • Purity Coffee
  • Cook Once Eat All Week Cookbook – need to meal prep, but get a little TOO bored with the exact same meal each day? This gives you a prep base to carry through the week, with different ways to jazz it up each night!
  • Food Sensitivity Survival Book – an amazing book of cooking templates that let’s you “choose your own adventure” with safe foods. Get ideas on how to flavor tacos, season a safe protein, or blend a soothing smoothie.
  • Vital Peptides
  • LonoLife Bone Broth – my favorite source of savory collagen!
  • Munk Snacks
  • Zyia pants
  • Montezuma Black
  • Vitamix – top of the line blender! I have had mine for nearly a decade, have moved overseas with it, and it’s still blending like a boss!
  • Zyn
  • Altra Shoes
  • Orgain Keto
  • Bubly

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