Coach Kate, Your Playfully Fierce
Virtual Dietitian and Gut Health Expert

Reduce pain and inflammation; stop worrying about the bathroom;
train on YOUR schedule; get your energy back!

So you can get on to your next adventure!

With a focus on gut health and reducing inflammation, clients can:

We’ll use entire lifestyle coaching – sleep, stress management, planning, exercise, nutrition, labs, and supplementation – to help you feel your best and reach your goals!

Are you:

  • Frustrated with “what am I supposed to eat, REALLY?” and ready to follow an extremely personalized plan based on YOUR blood work?
  • Tired of your “safe” food list getting smaller and smaller, while you struggle to lose weight?
  • A committed gym-goer or Recreational athlete, ready to take it to the Next Level through nutrition and lifestyle?
  • Already a Warrior in mind, and now ready to be a warrior in health as well?
  • Looking for a cutting-edge, exclusive program to give you an edge in your training?

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Online nutrition and lifestyle coaching, lab test, and supplements for:

  • Inflammatory issues, food sensitivities, and immune health
  • Digestive issues: IBS, SIBO, Crohn’s disease, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, and more
  • Pain Issues: Migraines, joint pain, fibromyalgia
  • Optimal Wellness: weight loss, improved energy, athletic performance

My Philosophy

In a world that slaps a name and pill on a set of symptoms (giving it a disease diagnosis and prescription drugs), we forget to look deeper and ask “WHY” it happened. The old way of thinking was “bad luck” or “bad genes.”

Thankfully, research has shown that is actually a very minimal aspect of good health, and we have an enormous capacity to affect our health! Be empowered to be your best!

In the functional nutrition and medical nutrition therapy realm, we act as that persistent detective digging down to the Root Causes of imbalanced health.

Our bodies are amazingly complex, and act as a dynamic web of cause-effect among body systems. Nutrition and proper fueling of the body is one large component, but I drive home the importance of proper sleep, managing stress and cortisol levels, and regular movement to my clients as well. It is in this whole wheel of health habits that we strengthen our bodies inner balance: Mindset, Nourishment, Movement, Sleep, Stress Management, and Accountability to follow through.

You can change. You can feel better. And I’m here to help you reach your next level of health.

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