Gutsy Gals – Andee Update!

Now, 10 months in to her healing process with me, what is Andee up to? A few people had asked about how food reintroduction occurs. Can healing occur? How long does it take to get healthy? While that’s different for everyone, based on many factors, we wanted to do an update on Andee — whatContinue reading “Gutsy Gals – Andee Update!”

Gutsy Gals Ep 09 – Food Sensitivity Tests

Food Sensitivity Tests – not all are created equal! I studied food sensitivities and tests, becoming a Certified LEAP Therapist (food sensitivity protocol) in 2009. At that time, food sensitivity tests and gut health were seen as “quackery.” And now, as people are forced to admit the science AND clinical experience, the markets have beenContinue reading “Gutsy Gals Ep 09 – Food Sensitivity Tests”

Gutsy Gals Ep 08: Tips for Running – Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced!

Ready to run? Hey Runners! Or wanna-be runners! I know New Years brought a lot of resolutions to get back to running; or lose weight; or train for a half marathon, ultra marathon, OCR and more… So Andee and I did our talk this time on tips for running! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, orContinue reading “Gutsy Gals Ep 08: Tips for Running – Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced!”

Gutsy Gals Ep 07 – IBS: There ARE answers!

It’s TIME! The Gutsy Gals “talking sh*t about sh*t and more” finally talk about sh*t! We’re talking about IBS and digestive issues: First, what is IBS, REALLY?What SHOULD your poop look like?What could be the root cause of IBS?Some basics to help with digestionSome reasoning for GERD and heartburnDiscussing the intestinesMicrobiome, infections, H. PyloriAnd so much more!Continue reading “Gutsy Gals Ep 07 – IBS: There ARE answers!”

Gutsy Gals Ep 06 – Prescribing Diets

TALKING ABOUT THERAPEUTIC USE OF DIETS! Specifically, what you should be aware of if you’re told to follow a true keto diet (vs “low carb”), a low FODMAP diet, or the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) diet. Why does a doctor recommend one? And do you really need to follow it? What are they? What are the pros and cons and common pitContinue reading “Gutsy Gals Ep 06 – Prescribing Diets”