Gutsy Gals, Episode 2: Supplements

Andee and I get chatting about supplementation within a diet. 🩺 Why does your doctor claim, “they’re not FDA approved”? 🌟 Are they safe? 🍅 Is healthy eating enough? 💊 Should you take them? (15 reasons why I say YES!) ✔️ When are they dangerous? 🤯 And more! Want more? Connect to get recommendations forContinue reading “Gutsy Gals, Episode 2: Supplements”

Food Intolerances, Allergies, Sensitivities Workshop

Are you confused about the differences? Here’s an overview. Most people are fairly familiar with Food Intolerances (notably: Lactose intolerance) and Food Allergies (notably: peanuts, shellfish) but Food Sensitivities elude many, including some doctors and health practitioners. But understanding Food Sensitivities may be the key in understanding your health issues! The inflammation and damage thatContinue reading “Food Intolerances, Allergies, Sensitivities Workshop”

Introducing the Gutsy Gals!

Kicking off a weekly chat show with Andee Peabody Fitzgerald. She’s a bad-ass momma with a degree in Sports Medicine, dual masters in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology, and working on a PhD in Biomedical Informatics. We came together as she was looking for new avenues of health because conventional medicine was left scratching their heads forContinue reading “Introducing the Gutsy Gals!”

Research Review: The relationship between exercise, inflammation, and respiratory immunity

The relationship between exercise and the immune systems is intensely complex with many moving variables. Exercise generally improves the immune system. The more exercise done, and the more regularly, the more the immune system is boosted. However, there is always a tipping point. Athletes are often pushed into longer bouts of exercise, and/or more intenseContinue reading “Research Review: The relationship between exercise, inflammation, and respiratory immunity”

Research Review: a look at the role of over- and under-nutrition and flu risk, fatalities over the last 100 years

{This article was summarized even more, and added to my overall research notes, which can be read at I update it regularly with new notes from published reviews} Many Americans, while possibly consuming too many calories – are malnourished when it comes to actual nutrients and nourishment, therefore potentially increasing their risk of contractingContinue reading “Research Review: a look at the role of over- and under-nutrition and flu risk, fatalities over the last 100 years”