Real Talk with a Pharmacist – What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Your Medications

real talk with pharmacist about drugs and risk of medicaitons

War-X OCR: Chaos with a Cause. Interview with Jake Moore

Are you an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) fan? Or OCR-curious? Listen in and lean about an Ohio-based race course with Jake Moore . He is one of the creators and minds behind the event, War-X (War-Experience) obstacle course race. And it has grown into a full trilogy weekend for those who want to fill a weekend with not one, but THREE, events!

Spinal Health For Athletics and More with Dr. John Moore

Today’s guest is Dr. John Moore, Chiropractor who has advanced training in Chiropractic Sports work. Only about 10% of your nerves are actually related to pain – the rest are for function. Muscle activation, digestion, your heart, and more. Focusing once more on the PHYSICALITY aspect of the Foundations of Health, Dr. Moore shares hisContinue reading “Spinal Health For Athletics and More with Dr. John Moore”

Research Review: Alkaline Diets for Sprinting; and Microbe Transplants

Chatting about some research!  And, if you watch this on as the video below, you can see pictures from my trip with my sister to South Korea’s Poo Museum!  Fitting stuff. Or you can just listen on your favorite Podcast platform through this link. Articles discussed: Limmer, Mirjam et al. “Enhanced 400-m sprint performance inContinue reading “Research Review: Alkaline Diets for Sprinting; and Microbe Transplants”

The Gut Check ep 08 – IBS: There ARE answers!

It’s TIME! We’re talking about IBS and digestive issues: First, what is IBS, REALLY?What SHOULD your poop look like?What could be the root cause of IBS?Some basics to help with digestionSome reasoning for GERD and heartburnDiscussing the intestinesMicrobiome, infections, H. PyloriAnd so much more! It’s like a virtual tour through your full digestive tract! WhatContinue reading “The Gut Check ep 08 – IBS: There ARE answers!”