The Gut-Brain Axis: Improve your Gut with The Mind, and the Mind with The Gut

How your gut affects your mood, and food affects your gut, so food affects mood! Learn all about the science behind the gut-brain axis, and why the gut is considered your second brain.

Recognizing and Preventing Burn-out with Michelle Risser

Michelle Risser, LISW. Michelle is a licensed therapist in private practice specializing in maternal mental health and trauma. She is also a consultant who is passionate about helping moms who work as therapists and helping professionals optimize their self-care and reduce their risk of burnout. In this podcast episode we discuss the signs of recognizing burnout, and ways to get your spark back.

Simple Crave-Control Technique

I am getting ready to kick off a lovely three day weekend! Hopefully you have some enjoyable things planned. I hope to just relax. And along with relaxing – breathing! (Well, of course you’re going to breath, silly girl – like you have a choice?!) But I mean more than just normal breathing. You mayContinue reading “Simple Crave-Control Technique”