Gut Check Guest – Stephanie Shaw: Even one word a day can start to shift your life!

Podcast interview with Stephanie Shaw on how mindset can be the trigger that cascades weight loss, health, and energy into play. Even if it’s just one word a day. Find what helps you get over the barriers and moving towards your goals.

War-X OCR: Chaos with a Cause. Interview with Jake Moore

Are you an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) fan? Or OCR-curious? Listen in and lean about an Ohio-based race course with Jake Moore . He is one of the creators and minds behind the event, War-X (War-Experience) obstacle course race. And it has grown into a full trilogy weekend for those who want to fill a weekend with not one, but THREE, events!

Recognizing and Preventing Burn-out with Michelle Risser

Michelle Risser, LISW. Michelle is a licensed therapist in private practice specializing in maternal mental health and trauma. She is also a consultant who is passionate about helping moms who work as therapists and helping professionals optimize their self-care and reduce their risk of burnout. In this podcast episode we discuss the signs of recognizing burnout, and ways to get your spark back.

Podcast – MINDSET: Facing the Fear of Failure, with Tom Burns, SGX Spartan Coach

(Prefer to listen to the podcast? Catch it here online, or here on Spotify) How much do you hate failing? Most of us do – there is an intense fear associated with the feelings we have after failing. But, how much do you find you are held back by that? Do you wish you couldContinue reading “Podcast – MINDSET: Facing the Fear of Failure, with Tom Burns, SGX Spartan Coach”