Podcast – MINDSET: Facing the Fear of Failure, with Tom Burns, SGX Spartan Coach

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How much do you hate failing? Most of us do – there is an intense fear associated with the feelings we have after failing.

But, how much do you find you are held back by that? Do you wish you could get past that? Our minds are so powerful – but too often, we let them hold us back, chain us to our current situation, keep us from striving, from trying, from growing and moving forward. 

Failure is feedback. Don’t be afraid to fail – because it means you’re learning, you’re doing, you’re growing. 

Todays’ episode is with Tom Burns, sharing his journey and how he faced and overcame various fears time and time again. How he had to dig down, and what inspired him to push on and become a Spartan Coach, a trainer, and an athlete. And, in his words, why he “loves to fail” now. 

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