The Gut Check ep 08 – IBS: There ARE answers!

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It’s TIME! We’re talking about IBS and digestive issues:

➡First, what is IBS, REALLY?
➡What SHOULD your poop look like?
➡What could be the root cause of IBS?
➡Some basics to help with digestion
➡Some reasoning for GERD and heartburn
➡Discussing the intestines
➡Microbiome, infections, H. Pylori
➡And so much more!

It’s like a virtual tour through your full digestive tract! What could go wrong, and where, and what can you DO to fix it??


If you have been put on a Low FODMAPS diet, I also encourage you to check out this episode on Therapeutic Diets. Pitfalls and cautions with Keto, Low FODMAPS, and AIP.

(Can you tell I’m passionate about this?!) Email kate@DublinDietitian.com if you are ready to find YOUR root cause so we can make a game plan for you! Join the January 2022 7 Day Challenge here.

Screenshots from the Episode:

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