The Gut Check ep 08 – IBS: There ARE answers!

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It’s TIME! We’re talking about IBS and digestive issues:

➡First, what is IBS, REALLY?
➡What SHOULD your poop look like?
➡What could be the root cause of IBS?
➡Some basics to help with digestion
➡Some reasoning for GERD and heartburn
➡Discussing the intestines
➡Microbiome, infections, H. Pylori
➡And so much more!

It’s like a virtual tour through your full digestive tract! What could go wrong, and where, and what can you DO to fix it??


If you have been put on a Low FODMAPS diet, I also encourage you to check out this episode on Therapeutic Diets. Pitfalls and cautions with Keto, Low FODMAPS, and AIP.

(Can you tell I’m passionate about this?!) Email if you are ready to find YOUR root cause so we can make a game plan for you! Join the January 2022 7 Day Challenge here.

Screenshots from the Episode:

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