Goal Setting and Your True Motivation – interview with Ashley Tryban

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Do you love or hate setting goals for the new year? Did you know only about 10% of yearly resolutions are actually kept? Maybe you can improve your odds!

Setting goals can be incredibly powerful, but also can be trickier than you may realize at times.

In this Gut Check episode, Ashley Tryban breaks down some tools to look at and consider (see links below video) Not only is she a powerhouse of goal setting for herself (she has ridden hundreds of miles on her bike, and competed in the World Spartan obstacle race, while having a thriving job and side-hustle coaching business of her own!) but her passion is coaching others by helping them tap into their own inner motivation to set goals and crush them! She was the Health & Wellness specialist for Verizon for over 10 years, and recently took on the role of Manager of Coaching Operations with AliveCor Inc. She shares a passion for disrupting the healthcare model by focusing on diet, lifestyle, sustainability, and gratitude.

So we dive into why setting goals can help, some tips on how to do that, and common mistakes people make that can derail you fairly quickly. It starts with MINDSET! Finding your deep WHY and that ROOT CAUSE of why you want to hit a goal, and what it really means to you on a much deeper level. Ask “why is that important” five times for a goal, to start.

And then have a way to stay accountable! To yourself, to friends, to an app, to a coach – whatever it takes! Ashley also mentions a few resources that you can check out below. You’ll also notice a second video embedded below – and she and I had a little post-podcast chat where she shows her journal, and I added on a little more about goal setting, and discussing my own morning routine a bit.

Ashley’s 3 Steps for Goal Setting:

  1. Quiet time: set a timer for 5-10 min list out anything you may want to accomplish this year
  2. Read it over an cross some out, circle ones that energize you
  3. Make a final list….this is your contract to yourself! Treat it as seriously as you would treat a promise to family, friends, or a boss!

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