War-X OCR: Chaos with a Cause. Interview with Jake Moore

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Are you an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) fan? Or OCR-curious? Listen in and lean about an Ohio-based race course with Jake Moore . He is one of the creators and minds behind the event, War-X (War-Experience) obstacle course race. And it has grown into a full trilogy weekend for those who want to fill a weekend with not one, but THREE, events!

So what is War-X? Jake and I discuss:

  • The origins and true purpose
  • Their partnership with Operation Enduring Warrior 
  • Real guns and explosives??
  • Behind-the-scene info and sneak peaks
  • The Eliminator
  • Mindset and preparation
  • And more!

You don’t have to have been in the military to find and practice your own inner strength, or to tap into your inner warrior. We can all work on our Alpha minds, our resilience, in all parts of life.

Want to join War-X this year? Jake has extended a discount to listeners and friends. Let me know if you’re joining, so we can meet up and say hello!

Use this link, and discount code KCX10 to save 10% on registration

  • Facebook: @thisiswarx
  • Instagram: @thisiswarx
  • Operation Enduring Warrior: @operationenduringwarrior

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Remember to Use this link, and discount code KCX10 to save 10% on registration if you want to join War-X or the Trilogy!

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Registered Dietitian with a focus on Gut Health, Inflammation, and Functional Nutrition. Personal Trainer with a focus on corrective exercise. Yoga teacher, traveler, empowerment coach.

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