Gutsy Gals – Andee Update!

Now, 10 months in to her healing process with me, what is Andee up to? A few people had asked about how food reintroduction occurs. Can healing occur? How long does it take to get healthy? While that’s different for everyone, based on many factors, we wanted to do an update on Andee — whatContinue reading “Gutsy Gals – Andee Update!”

Food Intolerances, Allergies, Sensitivities Workshop

Are you confused about the differences? Here’s an overview. Most people are fairly familiar with Food Intolerances (notably: Lactose intolerance) and Food Allergies (notably: peanuts, shellfish) but Food Sensitivities elude many, including some doctors and health practitioners. But understanding Food Sensitivities may be the key in understanding your health issues! The inflammation and damage thatContinue reading “Food Intolerances, Allergies, Sensitivities Workshop”

Research Review: COVID-19, enhancing prevention, protection through nutrition and lifestyle

Review of Webinar: Current Controversies in Natural Therapeutics of Immune Support: A roundtable discussion with three renowned clinicians[Dr David Brady, Dr Todd Lepine, and Dr Peter D’Adamo)Hosted by Designs for Health and Diagnostic Solutions, Jason Bosley Smith The government, CDC, and Public Health leaders keep saying “it’s when, not if” you will get sick. SoContinue reading “Research Review: COVID-19, enhancing prevention, protection through nutrition and lifestyle”