Gutsy Gals Ep 10 – Back To Basics for Healthy Eating. Part 1

BACK TO BASICS: PART 1 with Gutsy Gals! What IS “healthy eating” and what IS “inflammation”? Let’s explore! Andee and I go on a virtual tour of the grocery store to help start explaining what we mean by “healthy, whole foods” and pitfalls to watch for. We don’t hit all the aisles, but join us as weContinue reading “Gutsy Gals Ep 10 – Back To Basics for Healthy Eating. Part 1”

Gutsy Gals Ep 05 – Weight Loss Struggles

WHEN “CALORIES IN, CALORIES OUT” DOESN’T ADD UP FOR WEIGHT LOSS Do you feel like you’re doing “everything right” and still making minimal to no progress? Conventional weight loss says to just increase caloric deficit. But there are SO MANY THINGS that can stall out weight loss. Andee and I discuss some common mistakes inContinue reading “Gutsy Gals Ep 05 – Weight Loss Struggles”

Gutsy Gals Episode 04: Depression

Depression is a web of cause and effect, internal and external factors. In this Gutsy Gals Episode 4, Andee and I hit an overview of things we can do from various perspectives: mindset and self talk, nutrients and foods, movement and posture, breathing, sleep, singing and more. But first, a little tidbit about some goodContinue reading “Gutsy Gals Episode 04: Depression”