The Gut Check Ep 3: Labs

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You go to the doctor every year, and you’re told “all your lab work is normal.”

Then all of a sudden, after 5, 10, 20 years of being “normal,” you are diagnosed with a severe disease like diabetes or IBS or arthritis…But we know these conditions don’t just happen over night.

Or you SWEAR it must be your thyroid because you Just. Can’t. Lose. Weight. And you’re tired and cold all the time.

You just don’t feel like YOU, but your doctor insists everything is “normal.”


We review some of the history of how lab ranges were initially set and how they continue to evolve today.

We discuss groupings of labs and markers, such as Thyroid health being determined by more than JUST a TSH or T4 lab…

What is the “gag clause” keeping you from knowing your options, and how are Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Insurance companies all tied together?

Andee and I chat about just that!

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