Gutsy Gals Ep 11: Covid Long Haul

💥Thoughts on Covid root cause, and Long Hauler research and theories. 

This was actually a conversation recorded in March of 2021, but so much of the science is still relevant, so I wanted to get it formally turned into a Gut Check podcast episode. (check out the Podcast and other episodes here) In this episode, Andee and I discuss:

  • Some of the numerous ways Coronavirus manifests in different people
  • Some of the potential underlying ways the virus is targeting such a wide variety of organs and body systems
  • Improvements in testing and false negatives
  • Then we wind down to show what some research is shedding light on, regarding long haul syndrome, and what theories we have about potential mitigation strategies you can look in to, to try support your body’s natural balance and health and ease symptoms.

I personally would prefer trying food and lifestyle as medicine than new drugs until more is known and more side effects can be understood.

EDITOR NOTE: Why no one can claim to “treat” or “cure” Coronavirus or other diseases. But we may be able to “support your ability to feel better.” It’s a technical, legal semantics issue. Listening back to this recording as I was getting ready to upload, I realized that I don’t think our starting topic for this episode was laid out quite as intended. So I want to make sure I’m clear… no one “KNOWS” how to fix Covid Long Haul Syndrome at this time… but when I say functional medicine practitioners “cannot ‘treat’ you” I mean that in a semantics way. We are not allowed to SAY that we can “treat” anything. Only doctors have that legal term to use. We have to use phrases such as “support your body functions” or “help try to ease symptoms.” But that does not mean that I want to push anyone away from seeing out functional medicine help – quite the contrary! Find a great medical team that includes integrative and functional practitioners! By supporting the body, organs, nervous system, adrenal glands, immune health, metabolic systems, and more we CAN get you feeling better without drugs!

My point was that, while I’m not legally allowed to tell people I can “cure” them, I have been able to get people off of medications in the past (PPIs, insulin, pain killers, anti-depressants, sleep aids, etc.) So you can call that what you like, but I’m not allows to say we “cured” diabetes or “treated” GERD. It’s all in the semantics But the end result is still amazing, and I just have to legally say “we supported your body’s natural blood sugar regulation, pancreatic function, digestive abilities….” And so forth. I believe this is an important distinction to understand.

So what does that have to do with our Covid talk here today?

That no one can guarantee a cure right now, technically due to the newness of Covid-19, and legally due to semantics rules.

That does mean be careful of empty promises; but also be aware that there may be genuine help out there using different terminology because our hands (and mouths) are sometimes tied.


Read the Summary Review of Covid and what it is doing to your body,
as well as some research on lifestyle recommendations, here.

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