Mediator Release Test (MRT) and the ImmunoCalm Diet Protocol

Have you been thinking about doing a food sensitivity test? Before you do, be Informed and Empowered! It’s an amazing program that takes commitment, but yields powerful results! It’s not for everyone, only for those truly motivated to make big changes so they can feel better – FAST.

In this previous video, “Food Sensitivity Tests”, I discussed different types of food sensitivity tests. After studying gut health, food sensitivities, and inflammation for over a decade, I only utilize Oxford Lab’s MRT Test for the reasons mentioned in that video. Any tests that only test IgG, or IgA, (Everlywell being the most marketed) are missing large pieces of the inflammation pie. I’ve had more than one client come to me with results from those labs, and stress that it hadn’t been helpful. We shift to the MRT, and they are feeling better in mere days. Don’t skimp on your health. It is worth investing in quality tests and protocols so you can look and feel your best, and bring your best YOU to your friends, family, co-workers, and workout program!

Inflammation Bucket

In many of my challenges, we discuss your “bucket of inflammation,” showing that inflammation and hyper-reactive immune systems happen when your “bucket” overflows, so to speak. FOOD, SLEEP, and various types of STRESS are the biggest factors in that bucket being overwhelmed and either leaking – or gushing – symptoms in your body.

Inflammation is at the root of nearly all health issues – including weight struggles! Our weight is often just an external showing, or a symptom, of our health inside. Maybe you’ve watched this other previous video, “Weight Loss Struggles: When Calories In, Calories Out Doesn’t Add Up For Weight Loss,” (or listened to it as a Podcast) and realized you’re doing everything right and it’s not working. So you’re ready for a more personalized approach.

Maybe you’ve done the Symptom Survey Score and realized you want to cut that number in half – meaning cutting the severity and frequency of all symptoms in half, and improving your overall quality of life, from digestive issues to pain/stiffness, mental clarity and energy. If you haven’t done it, I suggest you do so now. It will show you the array of ways food sensitivity-induced inflammation manifests in people differently:2021-symptom-survey-scoringDownload

So you’re informed, you’re excited to hit your next level of health, and ready to dive in!

You’re ready to:

  • Reduce migraines
  • Gain control of bowel habits
  • Recover from your workouts faster
  • Sleep better and improve energy
  • Have more mental clarity and less brain fog
  • Hurt less
  • Lose weight
  • And more!

Watch this short Gut Check Web Exclusive episode to be sure you are ready. My programs are not for the faint of heart! It is for the driven, the motivated, the ready warrior.

Understand what the diet portion of my programs require, but also watch to see the results it provides! Work hard, work smart, and the rewards are great.