Gutsy Gals Ep 05 – Weight Loss Struggles


Do you feel like you’re doing “everything right” and still making minimal to no progress?

Conventional weight loss says to just increase caloric deficit. But there are SO MANY THINGS that can stall out weight loss. Andee and I discuss some common mistakes in tracking your calorie intake. But if you’ve already ruled out “user error” so to speak, what else could be the barrier?

  • Inflammation
  • Certain “bad” gut bugs absorb more calories
  • Elevated cortisol trigger sugar cravings
  • Sleep helps you control the “Ghrelin Gremlin”
  • Hormones
  • and more!

Take a listen in, if you want to see if you can Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Published by Kate Cline, RD

Registered Dietitian with a focus on Gut Health, Inflammation, and Functional Nutrition. Personal Trainer with a focus on corrective exercise. Yoga teacher, traveler, empowerment coach.

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