Expert Tips for Runners from an Elite Coach, with Andee Peabody

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Looking to improve your running, or just to get started? Then listen in!

Andee Peabody, past strength and conditioning coach with The Bruins hockey team, as well as other elite level athletes, is sharing tips on running. From gear to form, exercises and intervals, she hits beginners, intermediate, and advanced level runners and some things to consider.

Learn to prevent injuries, boost performance, and get moving!

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Floral Extracts for Stress, Stress Eating, Anger, Relaxation, and More?

There is no “silver bullet” to health, yet there can be things that give us a big boost with little effort. And today’s episode is about one of those!

The monthly Research Review looked at the three studies I could find I one my favorite supplement components – and some discussion on the anecdotal evidence as well. Stress, inflammation, sleep, cravings, weight loss… imagine one supplement that can help with ALL of that!

One thing you can take to feel less stress, sleep better, boost energy, and turn less often to stress eating so you can stick to your health and fitness goals! too good to be true? Maybe.

But let’s look at the data, it is – at the very least – compelling.

The initial research is from 2006, and was looking at its affect on helping prevent stress-induced eating and weight gain. Two additional studies in 2008 and 2013 go deeper.

So what is this “as close to a silver bullet as we can get” item?

It’s a patented blend of floral extracts called a Relora Blend. So, let’s first start with what IS Relora, and then we’ll hit the research. Listen in!

Talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or dietitian about Relora and the Thorne Elite Multivitamins and see if it could help you with your health journey.

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Spinal Health For Athletics and More with Dr. John Moore

Today’s guest is Dr. John Moore, Chiropractor who has advanced training in Chiropractic Sports work. Only about 10% of your nerves are actually related to pain – the rest are for function. Muscle activation, digestion, your heart, and more.

Focusing once more on the PHYSICALITY aspect of the Foundations of Health, Dr. Moore shares his expertise, and some differences in work for various sports. He has a background in competitive surfing, but broke his back at a young and and chiropractic work was a part of his road to recovery. In addition to the things chiropractors tend to be known for – helping with back pain, whiplash, and headaches – we also talk about things you may not have realized could be helped with chiropractic work, and some things to look for when choosing a chiropractor.

So, consider this another tool in your tool kit when looking to feel better, and optimize your life!

Connect with Dr. Moore, or read more about the CCSP certification for Sports training:

The Gut Check: Visceral Manipulation with Eileen Burns

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Visceral Manipulation – what is, who would benefit, and how to find someone!

Visceral Manipulation is exactly that – manipulation of your viscera, or the internal organs in the main cavities of the body, especially those in the abdomen, e.g. the intestines.  But, did you know that can help so much more than just stomach or abdominal pain?

Visceral Manipulation (VM) Therapy was developed by world-renowned French Osteopath and Physical Therapist Jean-Pierre Barral. Comparative studies found Visceral Manipulation beneficial for various disorders.  And our guest today, Eileen Burns, is a physical therapist who specializes in VM. And she shares how she’s worked with people with shoulder issues, GERD, backpain, and more. Other claimed benefits include help for whiplash, TBI, reflux and digestive disorders, endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain, headaches and migraines, post-surgery pain and scars, anxiety and depression, and more (Barral’s complete list at

This is a great conjunction for the work I do. I teach people about the Wheel of Health – where it involves  4 aspects of addressing root causes of pain and GI issues. We target sleep, stress/infection, nutrition/gut health, and physicality – the aspects of movement, posture, alignment, and so on. But as I work via telehealth, I don’t get too deep into this physicality aspect. So I love having guests on who can bring that area of expertise to the show! And Eileen is sharing how she does hands on work of the abdomen, connective tissue, and viscera to help with pain, pelvic floor health, GI issues, shoulder issues, back pain, and more!

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Gutsy Gals Ep 11: Covid Long Haul

💥Thoughts on Covid root cause, and Long Hauler research and theories. 

This was actually a conversation recorded in March of 2021, but so much of the science is still relevant, so I wanted to get it formally turned into a Gut Check podcast episode. (check out the Podcast and other episodes here) In this episode, Andee and I discuss:

  • Some of the numerous ways Coronavirus manifests in different people
  • Some of the potential underlying ways the virus is targeting such a wide variety of organs and body systems
  • Improvements in testing and false negatives
  • Then we wind down to show what some research is shedding light on, regarding long haul syndrome, and what theories we have about potential mitigation strategies you can look in to, to try support your body’s natural balance and health and ease symptoms.

I personally would prefer trying food and lifestyle as medicine than new drugs until more is known and more side effects can be understood.

EDITOR NOTE: Why no one can claim to “treat” or “cure” Coronavirus or other diseases. But we may be able to “support your ability to feel better.” It’s a technical, legal semantics issue. Listening back to this recording as I was getting ready to upload, I realized that I don’t think our starting topic for this episode was laid out quite as intended. So I want to make sure I’m clear… no one “KNOWS” how to fix Covid Long Haul Syndrome at this time… but when I say functional medicine practitioners “cannot ‘treat’ you” I mean that in a semantics way. We are not allowed to SAY that we can “treat” anything. Only doctors have that legal term to use. We have to use phrases such as “support your body functions” or “help try to ease symptoms.” But that does not mean that I want to push anyone away from seeing out functional medicine help – quite the contrary! Find a great medical team that includes integrative and functional practitioners! By supporting the body, organs, nervous system, adrenal glands, immune health, metabolic systems, and more we CAN get you feeling better without drugs!

My point was that, while I’m not legally allowed to tell people I can “cure” them, I have been able to get people off of medications in the past (PPIs, insulin, pain killers, anti-depressants, sleep aids, etc.) So you can call that what you like, but I’m not allows to say we “cured” diabetes or “treated” GERD. It’s all in the semantics But the end result is still amazing, and I just have to legally say “we supported your body’s natural blood sugar regulation, pancreatic function, digestive abilities….” And so forth. I believe this is an important distinction to understand.

So what does that have to do with our Covid talk here today?

That no one can guarantee a cure right now, technically due to the newness of Covid-19, and legally due to semantics rules.

That does mean be careful of empty promises; but also be aware that there may be genuine help out there using different terminology because our hands (and mouths) are sometimes tied.


Read the Summary Review of Covid and what it is doing to your body,
as well as some research on lifestyle recommendations, here.