Foot Health and Knee Pain for Runners, with Physical Therapist and Running Coach Brianne Showman

close up photo of a person putting a kinesio tape on a person s injured knee

For runners with chronic pain… Healthy joints start from the inside out, and the foot up!

Today’s Gut Check episode is on barefoot work, the importance of foot strength and exercises, and how all of that can have ripple effects up the body to help with knee pain, back and hip pain, running AND lifting performance, and more!

Brianne Showman is a personal trainer, physical therapist, and barefoot specialist who works with runners looking to overcome injury, or prevent injury. I met Brianne online – we both have a love for fitness, obstacle course racing, and figuring out root causes to pain and health issues. She was overcoming an injury at the time, and her philosophy of health was really a parallel to mine and the way functional nutrition approaches health. Getting down to the foundations and root cause, and fixing rather than masking. Brianne is a physical therapist, movement specialist, running technique specialist, and barefoot training specialist. Her primary role now is coaching runners and obstacle course racers to help them break out of their injury cycles so they can train and race at their highest level.

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