Collagen, Cartilage, and Repairing Tendons with Loading and Nutrition – a Research Review

A research review of basics on how collagen works, and the difficulties of getting nutrients in to your tendons without exercise. Potential ideas for osteoarthritis, joint pain, and jumpers knee. Rehab and prehab thoughts, and hopeful implications for the future.

Floral Extracts for Stress, Stress Eating, Anger, Relaxation, and More?

There is no “silver bullet” to health, yet there can be things that give us a big boost with little effort. And today’s episode is about one of those! The monthly Research Review looked at the three studies I could find I one my favorite supplement components – and some discussion on the anecdotal evidenceContinue reading “Floral Extracts for Stress, Stress Eating, Anger, Relaxation, and More?”

The Gut Check: Visceral Manipulation with Eileen Burns

{Watch the video below or listen on-the-go on your favorite Podcast platform here!} Visceral Manipulation – what is, who would benefit, and how to find someone! Visceral Manipulation is exactly that – manipulation of your viscera, or the internal organs in the main cavities of the body, especially those in the abdomen, e.g. the intestines. Continue reading “The Gut Check: Visceral Manipulation with Eileen Burns”

Gutsy Gals Ep 11: Covid Long Haul

Thoughts on Covid root cause, and Long Hauler research and theories.  This was actually a conversation recorded in March of 2021, but so much of the science is still relevant, so I wanted to get it formally turned into a Gut Check podcast episode. (check out the Podcast and other episodes here) In this episode,Continue reading “Gutsy Gals Ep 11: Covid Long Haul”

Histamine Sensitivity Symptoms

Do you sometimes feel “allergic to life”? Random things seem to trigger these symptoms – you cannot seem to pinpoint one food, or one issue. It changes day to day, and your doctor is confused and at a loss. It could be histamine issues and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. This is, once again, rooted inContinue reading “Histamine Sensitivity Symptoms”