Home Made Coconut Milk

It’s time to kick the canned processed junk, and go for real, home-made, rich and natural health-filled coconut milk.  Sorry to my dear friends who do not live in tropical islands where fresh coconuts abound.  Sadly, this recipe may not be possible for you, or not so easily and cheaply.  For us, it’s almost 100%Continue reading “Home Made Coconut Milk”

Healthy Cookie Dough

…That you can eat without fear of salmonella! Nom nom! And still fantastically easy to sit down and eat with a spoon – though I prefer to eat it with sliced apples.  This has been a wonderful item to bring to cookouts, or give as a gift.  Beans make up the base, giving this foodContinue reading “Healthy Cookie Dough”


This is a smoothie that has some great benefits for your skin.  First, the recipe, and then, for you with the interest, the scientificy-geeky details that I love about WHY this is such a great drink to include in your collection. (Though high in natural fruit-sugar, so plan accordingly) And those promised Geek-tails (details for the foodContinue reading “Skin-so-Smooth(ie)”

Shooting Star(fruit)

Twinkle, twinkle, little star… how I wonder what you are….A fruit! A star fruit, that is! Tonight I tossed together a quick little salad. Shooting Star Fruit Salad: blackberries bananas star fruit Quite a simple dish!  (Now, admittedly, you tell I had fun with the presentation of my Shooting Star Salad) Bananas are good for theContinue reading “Shooting Star(fruit)”

Blackberry Bursting Smoothie

Blackberry Bursting Smoothie 2 c spinach 2 c romaine 1/2 cucumber 1 tbs flax oil 1.5 c red grapes 6oz blackberries ice Antioxidant PACKED! Along with the wonderful, cool hydrating effects of the cucumber, the skin-healing properties of red grapes, and the omega-rich benefits of flax oil The blackberries actually turned this green smoothie intoContinue reading “Blackberry Bursting Smoothie”