This is a smoothie that has some great benefits for your skin.  First, the recipe, and then, for you with the interest, the scientificy-geeky details that I love about WHY this is such a great drink to include in your collection. (Though high in natural fruit-sugar, so plan accordingly) And those promised Geek-tails (details for the foodContinue reading “Skin-so-Smooth(ie)”

Shooting Star(fruit)

Twinkle, twinkle, little star… how I wonder what you are….A fruit! A star fruit, that is! Tonight I tossed together a quick little salad. Shooting Star Fruit Salad: blackberries bananas star fruit Quite a simple dish!  (Now, admittedly, you tell I had fun with the presentation of my Shooting Star Salad) Bananas are good for theContinue reading “Shooting Star(fruit)”

Blackberry Bursting Smoothie

Blackberry Bursting Smoothie 2 c spinach 2 c romaine 1/2 cucumber 1 tbs flax oil 1.5 c red grapes 6oz blackberries ice Antioxidant PACKED! Along with the wonderful, cool hydrating effects of the cucumber, the skin-healing properties of red grapes, and the omega-rich benefits of flax oil The blackberries actually turned this green smoothie intoContinue reading “Blackberry Bursting Smoothie”