Shooting Star(fruit)

Twinkle, twinkle, little star… how I wonder what you are….A fruit!

A star fruit, that is!

Tonight I tossed together a quick little salad.

  • Shooting Star Fruit Salad:
    star fruit

Quite a simple dish!

 (Now, admittedly, you tell I had fun with the presentation of my Shooting Star Salad)

Bananas are good for the heart, rich in potassium and B6 (good for the nerves, building up healthy blood cells, and helping you break down proteins), have some vitamin C, and are a decent source of fiber.

Blackberries, like all berries – rich antioxidant food. Just watch out for the seeds if you have sensitive teeth!

And today’s guest star…

Let’s hear it for the beautiful, tropical, luscious star fruit! Also know and Carambola, it’s rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, flavonoids, and also a good 15% of your daily needs of fiber in one little pretty star-shaped package. Look for one that is mostly yellow with perhaps a little browning on the ridges. If there are brown spots elsewhere, yuck!, you’ve got yourself an over-ripe fruit. If it’s too green, it’s not quite ready for you to indulge on. And a nice plus? You can eat the skin! Zero-prep time! (Well, okay – 20 seconds to rinse it off, because you should always rinse off your produce.)

I have read various descriptions for the flavor of this fruit, and everyone seems to have a different opinion. My thought was the texture was somewhat like an orange, with a bit of a sweet melon-like flavor… but that’s not quite it. You’ve just go out and try it for yourself.

When you wish upon a staaaaar…..!



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