Don’t Be Sabotaged by Sports Drinks

We’ve all seen them: the average gym-goer pumping away on the elliptical machine, sweating and striving towards their goals, and 15 minutes in, they pick up a neon-pink fluid and chug away. Bless their hearts, they really are trying to improve their health! While I don’t think of sports drinks as necessary for anyone, really,Continue reading “Don’t Be Sabotaged by Sports Drinks”

Bite Into Health for National Nutrition Month

Happy National Nutrition Month! March has been deemed “National Nutrition Month,” with this year’s theme being “Bite into a healthy lifestyle.”  We will circle around that theme over the next month.  And I see two ways I’d like to tackle this trending topic (not counting tweeting digital “bytes” of nutrition tidbits, since I don’t Twit.)Continue reading “Bite Into Health for National Nutrition Month”

Flying and Frying

Many people on Saipan and the neighboring islands comment that one of the things they love about living out here is the ability to travel quickly to other countries and explore.  I myself just returned from a long flight to the states for a nutrition conference. I love travel, and have found ways to beContinue reading “Flying and Frying”

Acid, Gout, and Joint Pain

There are a lot of health problems that are beginning to be linked to an overly-acidic diet, and sadly, the standard American diet is very acid producing (as is the Standard Island Diet.) However backwards as it may sound, an acidic body is NOT caused by eating acidic foods, like lemons and pineapple. Oddly enough,Continue reading “Acid, Gout, and Joint Pain”