Low FODMAP’s can help reduce GI issues in many, such as bloating, gas, pain, IBS, SIBO, and bathroom struggles. And in runners, it can help prevent the dreaded “runners trots” if you avoid these food for a time prior to a run or event. It’s a great starting point – it removes some common triggeringContinue reading “Low FODMAPS Diet”

The Gut Check Ep 07 – Prescribed Therapeutic Diets

(You can watch the video below, or listen to a Podcast version on-the-go here!) TALKING ABOUT THERAPEUTIC USE OF DIETS! Specifically, what you should be aware of if you’re told to follow a true keto diet (vs “low carb”), a low FODMAP diet, or the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) diet. Why does a doctor recommend one? And do you really need toContinue reading “The Gut Check Ep 07 – Prescribed Therapeutic Diets”