Low FODMAP’s can help reduce GI issues in many, such as bloating, gas, pain, IBS, SIBO, and bathroom struggles. And in runners, it can help prevent the dreaded “runners trots” if you avoid these food for a time prior to a run or event.

It’s a great starting point – it removes some common triggering foods. (note: STARTING point. Not always the end game. Should never be the long-term plan)

So if you have felt frustrated and lost, it’s worth a try! The premise is that it is removing the foods that feed the “wrong” bacteria, and by starving them, you will experience less of the problematic bloating, gas, pain, and other bathroom struggles. You are removing the types of foods that those bacteria like:

F ermentable
O ligosaccharides
D isaccharides
M onosaccharides
A nd
P olyol

Typically, you eat the low FODMAPs foods for 2-6 weeks, the slowly reincorporate them to test for tolerance.

For some, that’s enough! Huzzah and congrats!

But if you find it isn’t enough, and you cannot expand that list, then it’s time to go deeper and do some lab work to figure out WHY it is still problematic.

Until then, though, give it a try! You can find more information from Monash University here.


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