Whole Grains 201 – Sprouting

Hello, class! Welcome back to your final Whole Grains class.  I know you’ve been riveted waiting for this! Pop quiz: What are the three edible parts of a grain? What are the two power-packed parts that are usually reduced or removed when processing for refined, white flour products? What should the first ingredient be when choosing aContinue reading “Whole Grains 201 – Sprouting”

Whole Grains 103 – Oats

Hello, hello, and welcome back, my dear students! Welcome to the last of three posts on Whole Grains! Unless, of course, you count the post on sprouted grains… but that’s more a bonus material post. Did you do your homework and check that you’re getting the true whole grain breads?? Today we’ll look at oatsContinue reading “Whole Grains 103 – Oats”

Whole Grains 102

Welcome back, class, to Whole Grains 102! We will be continuing that exciting topic of making sure you’re getting what you want regarding whole grains. (And I’m really hoping that you WANT those whole grains, and opposed to refined “glorified sugar” versions on foods!) I want to start off with the simple way to makeContinue reading “Whole Grains 102”

Whole Grains 101

Welcome, dear students, to the Whole Grains 101 class! You’ve heard the terms, you’ve seen the marketing, you’ve heard the media rant about WHOLE GRAINS and their benefits… but what does it mean, and why should you care? Unique Facts to get started: Wheat and grains were once considered the “Staff of Life” They areContinue reading “Whole Grains 101”