Free Radicals and Antioxidants – What Are They?

They go hand-in-hand. Quick and dirty (and extremely simplified): in overabundance, free radicals damage your body and health; antioxidants stop them.   Free radicals are unstable molecules. They can be formed from pollutants, cigarette smoke, stresses on you and your body, and other unhealthy lifestyle factors. They will go and “steal” electrons from other moleculesContinue reading “Free Radicals and Antioxidants – What Are They?”

Stretch It Out

Here’s a quick task for you (after you check my previous Tabata post and re-read the disclaimer about exercising!) – reach your arms WAY over your head and streeeetch it up! Feel your spine lengthen, your arms press up, and your rib cage expand! Ahhhh!! Stretching regularly should be a part of a healthy life. Continue reading “Stretch It Out”