Thrive Thursdays! I have been enjoying reviewing my old blog posts from over a decade ago, and reminiscing on the wonderful memories I’ve made, things I’ve learned, and obstacles I’ve over come. All of these play into a THRIVING life!

This old post was about the FIRST OFFICIAL 5K RACE my sister ran! And I joined her! All about move – in any way for any method, and JUST HAVE FUN.

How do you make movement a FUN ACTIVITY rather than a dreary OBLIGATION?

Life is Nothing But A Fat Rat Race!

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That was my theme song this morning as I joined my sister on my first official 5K run! That song is a favorite of mine to loosen up and goof off. When it’s cranked, we love to “dance like a goober!” Meaning, let loose, lose yourself in the silliness, and dance without caring how odd you look – and maybe even challenge yourself to intentionally look goofy! (No, sorry, I have no videos of this.)

But my dear sister invited me to pace with her as she ran the 3.1 miles of downtown Columbus. To try to keep us smiling, I began the singing! And – rock on sister – she hunkered down, took the deep breaths, and sang along with me! We got a few odd looks, but who cares?! We had fun!!

No matter where you are in your health plan, exercise is a must. And no matter how fit you are, just getting up and moving will give you benefits!

Being outside is invigorating – and I challenge you to find something you like! Stay motivated with roller blading, hiking in local parks, playing with your local softball team, try pole trekking. Whatever you like! Just get up and get moving!  

If you’re not having fun, you won’t stick to it. “Exercise” needs to not be an obligation, but a treat!

I am blessed that running gives me a “runners’ high” and excites me. I smile and enjoy my run – sometimes laughing and making crazy dance moves to my music. But that keeps me going!

Where are you on your path to health, and what are you enjoying? Smile! Your heart is happy when it gets to work and stretch!


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