Amrita Bar Giveaway and Promo!

NOTE: Sampler giveaway, and promo code information at the end of the post! 🙂  Enter or purchase some healthy, whole-foods protein bars for your start to a vibrant and health-filled 2019!

We eat with our eyes first. And Amarita was a treat from the moment the box arrived. I was delighted at the variety of flavors in the variety pack, and fell in love with the bold colors on the tote bag. First impression: colorful and energetic!

Nourish Your Passion Bag | USA

And then they get another bonus — an email from the company, asking if my bars arrived safely.  Well that’s a nice little check in!  I approve.

email confirmation



When I was looking in to protein and snack bars to try, this company caught my eye because they had the same mission I have as a Lifestyle Dietitian — to help heal health issues through nutritious, anti-inflammatory foods, and managing stress within the body. Owner Arsha and his wife started to create recipes for the bars while working to help their son recovery from a host of gastrointestinal issues and nutritionally-based autism. They have worked from the ground up, starting with hand-wrapped products sold at their local farmers market, and now are available nation-wide in various health food stores and online.



I contacted two of my gym friends to sample these bars with me – I wanted a little more input and feedback. So, the three of us got to sample these whole-food treats, and compare notes.  Overall, we were all impressed! We liked the texture and taste, with each of us having a few differences based on personal preference. Whole ingredients, balanced macronutrients, enough sweetness from the dates without being overpowering, we all agreed these are a win!

Amrita Starter Pack | 7 Bars | USA

Ready to sample some of your own??


Want a chance to get your own bars? Here’s a Rafflecopter giveaway! No purchases necessary!!


Check out their website, https://www.amritahealthfoods.com/

  • 1st order: $10 off; code “AmritaLove”
  • Following orders: $10 off and free shipping on orders over $49; code “dublin”


Many thanks to Amrita Bar Founder, Arshad Bahl
for helping provide this opportunity for you all!

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