Empowered Healing Program

Find your New Self – build confidence, lose weight, reduce symptoms, and become EMPOWERED to understand your body and start healing.

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On the cutting edge of nutrition therapy, this is one of the first programs of its kind: taking the highly effective Mediator Release Test (MRT) and Personal ImmunoCalm elimination diet plan, combining it with and additional advanced lab test, healing lifestyle habits, education on the root cause of diseases and WHY you have food sensitivities in the first place… and creating a 12-week online program to accelerate your healing progress. Feel better, fast!
–All from the comfort of your own home!

Past Empowered Client Case Studies, coming soon…

  • Ambitious entrepreneur, mother, and tennis player – breathing and moving better!
  • Single dad denied life insurance – getting control of his health and weaning off medications
  • Past athlete and personal trainer with “mystery illness” – finding her energy and reclaiming her life!
  • New mom with full-time job – finding balance, losing weight, gaining confidence
  • PCOS and thyroid issues, “couldn’t lose weight,” – dropped 13 lbs in 13 weeks
  • Skeptical momma who’d “already done food sensitivity testing” for over 3 years with no migraine relief

Past Empowered Clients have Reported..

  • Weight loss
  • Sleeping better, gaining energy
  • No more food allergies, improved seasonal allergies
  • Controlled bathroom habits (IBS improvement)
  • Reduced or eliminated pain struggles (arthritis, joint aches, headaches, migraines)
  • Sports performance improvements (tennis, lifting, barre, obstacle course racing)
  • “It’s changed my life!”

One of the main reasons that people fail is that they don’t put the right foundations in their transformation. So this program begins by setting a strong foundation while we wait for your MRT blood test results to come in – we prepare your body and mind while also preparing your kitchen and habits. I  want to make sure you are set up for your future success.

Weekly lessons can be a combination of recorded videos, files, ebooks, or emails. And every week includes a personal coaching call to make sure you are transitioning smoothly, staying accountable, and seeing your goals clearly. I’ll also be reviewing your food and symptom logs regularly, and am available daily (M-F) via text for any questions you have or additional support you need. YOU are my priority, and reaching your goals matters to me! So you get VIP care!

The Empowered Healing Program Includes Three Phases

We will dive into some of the basic tenants of healthy living. These set the stage for Part 2 when we really zero in and focus on YOUR personalized nutrition program. We’ll go over goal setting, meal planning, calories, tracking symptoms, and basic inflammatory foods. Going beyond diet, we will also get into how various lifestyle habits can slow down your progress, or even negate it completely.

  • Getting started. Expectations, mindset, goal setting, tracking.  True Self Doctrine. The 6 Pillars of Success.
  • Meal planning, calories, portions, common inflammatory foods.
  • Gluten and Dairy Free – why and how to do so without going crazy. Also look at Sleep Quality and habits (By now, kit should have arrived, so we’ll also go over what to do with the kit and how to get the blood draw).
  • Stress management: hunger hormones, cravings, cortisol, belly fat, inflammation, and burn out

Then, when that strong foundation is set, and we have your personalized food lists back, we will devote 4-5 weeks to diving in to YOUR personalized elimination diet, removing all the triggering foods that are harming you, and learning how to gradually expand that list. The goal should never be to have a restricted food list for life. Except for people with Celiac Disease needing to avoid gluten, most people should be able to heal their bodies to the point that they can enjoy almost any whole food in balance.

  • Your personalized MRT Food List. Understanding the lab results, and how to adapt your meal plan to your list.
  • Progressing through the LEAP ImmunoCalm elimination diet phases while watching your symptom score drop!
  • Set up some basic exercise plans and discuss movement patterns
  • Determine a personalized supplement plan for you, and why QUALITY matters.
  • Explore if/how alcohol can be a part of a healthy life

By this point, the average client has seen 8-15 lbs weight loss, and symptom have improved drastically – at LEAST 50% reduction in their Symptom Score (SEE BELOW). And I want to make sure you KEEP that progress going! This is meant to teach you how to create a sustainable lifestyle. Too many people crash diet, get their results, and then undo it all by reverting to old habits and thought patterns. We think it is hard to lose weight and feel better – the truth is, though, that it is often even harder to maintain that success. So, for the final few weeks, we take time to make sure you understand how to wean off the program and sustain your results for life – and how to spring board from the Empowered Healing Program into the next steps for achieving your optimal health and wellness goals!

We are going beyond feeling “normal” and taking it to the Next Level to feel Outstanding, ready to tackle the world with renewed confidence!

  • Expanding beyond the Phases. Food Families and Untested Foods
  • Eating out, Travel, and being On-the-Go
  • Digging deeper into digestive health: motility supplements, broths and collagen, labs
  • GI MAP stool test (or other agreed-upon lab) to optimize your foundational health
  • Graduation! Putting it all together, how to reboot if needed, some favorite brand recommendations, on-going support, and what to do next.

*This is the standard topic outline as they cover the most common strategies needed to rebalance health. But it can be flexible based on a client’s individualized needs and questions.


Supplements are personalized based on health history, goals, and needs.
Empowered Healers get a 15% discount on all supplements purchased during the program


You can check out the Symptom Scoring sheet, to see the vast array of symptoms that may be associated with food sensitivities, inflammation, and lifestyle issues.

This is the number that improves by an average of 50% for clients — that’s Quality of Life, Quantified!

Want to know more about Food Sensitivities and the blood test?
Take a virtual patient tour of Oxford Labs’ site and walk-through!

Why MRT? With the host of food sensitivity tests on the market, why is this the only one I recommend? Watch the Gutsy Gals video comparing food sensitivity tests here.

If you are interested in seeing if the Empowered Healing Program is right for you, Complete this APPLICATION FORM to see if you’re a good candidate who would likely benefit and see results with the program. I will give you a call personally, if so!

Covers the MRT Blood test, GI-MAP stool test, food list, cookbook, subscription to the Healthie portal, and 12 coaching calls. Does not cover the cost of the blood draw itself (avg $35) or the cost of any additional labs or supplements you may choose to add.


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