Maria B.

Kate is a breathe of fresh air! She is such an important part of my experience at Lifetime Fitness because she cares tremendously about her clients. She cares about all aspects of their health including mental and emotional health. Kate has provided me with tools to conquer my battle with PCOS and weight management andContinue reading “Maria B.”

Nicole W.

When I met with Kate, I thought I knew what to expect as far as nutrition goes. However, she taught me so much about how my body functions and what I can do to improve it. She recommended vitamins and supplements that really made such a difference for me based on her knowledge and notContinue reading “Nicole W.”

Michelle R.

I recently had the privilege of working with Kate as my coach at the gym. Kate is so positive and encouraging. The thing that really sets her apart is her extensive knowledge of holistic health and her focus on the person as a whole. Kate helps her clients build not just physical strength but emotionalContinue reading “Michelle R.”

Dale W.

“I worked with Kate for a few personal training sessions. Kate explains movements very clearly, and is easy to follow and understand. She is patient with my questions and takes time to provide a thorough response. In addition to her knowledge of physical training, Kate also took time to answer my questions on nutrition. SheContinue reading “Dale W.”

Carolyn C.

“Kate has been patient and resourceful with me. While I hate exercising, and am stubborn to give up my food, she sat down with me time and again to try different options that may work better. She’s incredibly supportive, and wants what’s best for me. “

Aneezal M.

“I have played racquetball/squash for more than 20 years but had never worked on building strength. I joined Kate’s class a few months ago and she has helped me build muscle and my stamina has also improved tremendously! Now, I am an even better squash player and I will be working out with Kate forContinue reading “Aneezal M.”

Lydia C.

“Dublin is very fortunate to have someone like Kate Campbell! Learn from her!!”

Mayme N.

Thanks for your leadership, expertise and inspiration! Thanks to Kate’s recommendation I took the Active Metabolic test which means Kate also provides a customized 3-month cardio plan. I feel so excited I’m on a great path forward with cardio and the 60 day challenge – thank you Kate!