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Symptom Score

What if we could quantify your quality of life?

Add what if we could then double your quality of life, in less than 90 day?

That’s the goal of the Empowered Healing Program.

It may be a bit of a grand promise, but the premise is real. This Symptom Score gives us an actual number that scores how much a person is suffering or struggling with symptoms. The higher the number, the more they are suffering – either from more frequent issues, more severe issues, or just a large amount of constantly nagging issues.

And we can get that score cut by at least 50% in 90 days – which is essentially doubling quality of life, easing suffering, and letting a person get back to LIVING MORE fully.

It has worked for people with IBS, Crohn’s, Celiac, Migraines, Arthritis, GERD, UC, and more.

What’s your Score?

What Does It Mean?

Believe it or not, ALL of these symptoms can stem from food-induced inflammation, and damage in the gut – leading to inflammatory mediators being released in your body and creating the symptoms listed.

The first steps are reducing food-induced inflammation (put out the fire in your body) and then healing the gut (rebuilding the foundations).

How Do I Do That?

It depends where you are coming from:

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