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GI MAP Review

A look at what the GI MAP looks for, and what I found in my test!

Gut health is CRITICAL! This is a great starting point for planning your health journey. No matter how many scopes you’ve had, how many tests your doctor has run, there are things they just don’t see!

Diagnostic Solution’s GI MAP does DNA testing for bacteria, pathogens, parasites, worms, candida, fungus, digestive capabilities, “leaky gut” markers, gluten sensitivity levels, and more.


PREVENT, PREVENT, PREVENT! Don’t wait to feel sick! Symptoms manifest long after things start going wrong.

Read even more about the GI MAP Here.

Or listen in, see what the report looks like, and learn some more details about what it can show, and how it relates to, well, just about everything with your health and body!

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