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Empowered Healing

“When the mind is willing, but the body is misbehaving…”
Coach Kate, Your Virtual Dietitian and Gut Health Expert

Reduce pain and inflammation; stop worrying about the bathroom; improve energy and performance; train on YOUR schedule. Guaranteed.

Feel at home in your own body again, so you can get on to your next adventure

With a focus on gut health and reducing inflammation, clients can:

We’ll use entire lifestyle coaching – sleep, stress management, planning, exercise, nutrition, labs, and supplementation – to help you feel your best and reach your goals. We can also focus on habit formation and mindset shifting, for those with a history of “yo yo dieting” or “falling off the bandwagon” too often.

Are you:

  • Frustrated with “what am I supposed to eat, REALLY?” and ready to follow an extremely personalized plan based on YOUR blood work?
  • Tired of your “safe” food list getting smaller and smaller, while you struggle to lose weight?
  • Frustrated with nagging symptoms of GI pain, bloat, “runners trots,” headaches and migraines, or chronic joint pain?
  • A committed gym-goer or athlete, ready to take it to the Next Level through nutrition and lifestyle?
  • Already a Warrior in mind, and now ready to be a warrior in health as well?
  • Looking for a cutting-edge, exclusive program to give you an edge in your training?

Apply Today to see if you are a good fit for the Empowered Healing Program,
and to talk with Kate – See if you qualify for the money back guarantee if you don’t see the results you want.

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Online nutrition and lifestyle coaching, lab test, and supplements for:

My Philosophy

In a world that slaps a name and pill on a set of symptoms (giving it a disease diagnosis and prescription drugs), we forget to look deeper and ask “WHY” it happened. The old way of thinking was “bad luck” or “bad genes.”

Thankfully, research has shown that is actually a very minimal aspect of good health, and we have an enormous capacity to affect our health! Be empowered to be your best!

In the functional nutrition and medical nutrition therapy realm, we act as that persistent detective digging down to the Root Causes of imbalanced health. Asking “why, why, and why.” What was the tipping point, the first domino to start the cascade?

Our bodies are amazingly complex, and act as a dynamic web of cause-effect among body systems. Nutrition and proper fueling of the body is one large component, but we will also get deep into the science of how the breath affects the brain; how cortisol affects blood sugar; how sleep affects hormone balance and hunger cues; how exercise affects the immune system; and more. It is in this whole wheel of health habits that we strengthen our bodies inner balance: Mindset, Nourishment, Movement, Sleep, Stress Management, and Accountability to follow through.

You can change. You can feel better. And I’m here to help you reach your next level of health.

Apply Today to see if you are a good fit for the Empowered Healing Program,
and to talk with Kate – See if you qualify for the money back guarantee if you don’t see the results you want.

Browses the slides to read about what other Empowered clients have experienced and said.

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An Analogy for the Program, and why it works:

If you think of your body like a house, let’s say your house in on fire (nagging symptoms of some kind, anything from a small fire to a ranging mess.) The absolute first step is to put that fire out FAST. That is what the MRT food-induced inflammation test helps us do. You will begin to feel better within 10 days of starting your personal diet.

The next thing you need to do is rebuild the foundation. Put in new flooring, new plumbing, new fixtures – the balance, the support, and what everything else builds off of. That is the work with mindset and habit formation. They need to be in place, or you will always be at risk for things crumbling later.

And finally, you need to figure out what triggered the fire in the first place. Faulty wiring? Leaking gas? A candle left burning? That is what the GI-MAP or other lab helps us pinpoint. If you don’t fix that, you are at risk for setting your house up in flames again down the road.

That is why the Empowered Healing Program works the way it does, in the order that it does. And why I rarely will agree to do a single lab without a program or package. It does you little good to fix the gas leak if the walls are still on fire. It does little good to put up pretty wall paper and expensive art if the foundation is still crumbling.

So however your “fire” manifests in symptoms (pain, brain fog, weight, hormones, GI trouble), it nearly all stems from the same place: food-induced inflammation, poor lifestyle, and/or imbalances in your digestion and microbiome. Fix that, and you can double your quality of life in less than 90 days.

Your Empowered Healing Program

​If your gut isn’t functioning optimally, YOU aren’t functioning optimally!

Your Empowered Healing Program is a 90-day intensive program that focuses on resetting healthy habits and reframing your mindset for a sustainable lifestyle, while accelerating symptom relief through a personalized eating plan based on the Mediator Release Test (MRT) for inflammatory foods. It includes weekly lessons, personal coaching calls, and M-F text access for immediate help and support.

PHASE 1: PREP  Setting the stage while waiting for lab results
*Getting started” Expectations, mindset, goal setting, tracking
*Mindset work: True Self Vision and the 6 Pillars of Success. Rewiring your subconscious for success
*Meal planning, calories, macro nutrients, removing common inflammatory foods
*Gluten and Dairy Free trial
*Stress management: hunger hormones, cravings, cortisol, inflammation, and burn out  
PHASE 2: DIVE Now that a strong foundation is set, and we have your personalized food lists back, we devote 4-5 weeks to diving into YOUR personalized ImmunoCalm diet
*Your personalized MRT Food List.
*Understanding the lab results and applying to you, finding wiggle room and common mistakes
*A second lab to dive deeper into root causes of WHY you have food sensitivities and inflammation
(usually the GI-MAP stool test, but you can read about other options here)
*Sleep quality and quantity
*Basic exercise plans and discuss movement patterns
*Determine a personalized supplement plan, and why QUALITY matters
PHASE 3: THRIVE! By this point, the average client has seen 10% body weight loss, and symptoms improve an average of 50%. Now it’s time to learn how to keep that progress and create a sustainable lifestyle.
*Explore if/how alcohol can be a part of a healthy life
 *Expanding beyond the Food List: “Food Families” and untested foods
*Eating out, traveling, and being on-the-go
*Balancing “treat” meals and resetting after accidental flairs
*Digging deeper into digestive health: GI supplements, broths and collagen, additional labs
*Graduation! Putting it all together, how to reboot if needed, some favorite brand
recommendations, on-going support, and what to do next  
*This is the standard topic outline as they cover the most common strategies needed to begin rebalancing health.
But it can be flexible based on a client’s individualized needs and questions.

Apply Today to see if you are a good fit for the Empowered Healing Program,
and to talk with Kate – See if you qualify for the money back guarantee if you don’t see the results you want.

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