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Recognizing and Preventing Burn-out with Michelle Risser

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Stress has a ripple effect on the rest of your body and systems. Don’t ignore it!  

In today’s episode, Michelle Risser shares all about the importance of self care — as well as things we can do to prevent burn out. Michelle Risser, LISW. Michelle is a licensed therapist in private practice specializing in maternal mental health and trauma. She is also a consultant who is passionate about helping moms who work as therapists and helping professionals optimize their self-care and reduce their risk of burnout. 

Self care doesn’t have to be big or elaborate – don’t “wait for the perfect vacation” to recharge. You need to start to find small ways to incorporate rest AND recharge each week, if not each day. 

Hear some of Michelle’s favorite resources, apps, books, and see links below for additional freebies!

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