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Mast Cells and Mediators: a common thread among pain, Covid Long Haul, histamines, IBS, and other GI Symptoms

Mast Cells are a type of white blood cell (WBC).

WBC’s are part of your immune system.

When triggered, Mast Cells and other WBCs release “mediators”

In balance, Mediators help protect you and your immune system fights for you (think: getting a fever, aches, or nausea to fight off the flu)

But if hyperactive or overly triggered, excess Mediators can lead to:

And a very common trigger for over-producing mediators are certain foods. But which ones? Fortunately, we can test which foods your body is hyper-reactive to with the Mediator Release Test (MRT). It’s more than just a typical “food sensitivity” test, and most people can start to feel better within 10 days of starting a specialized dietary protocol.

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