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Healing Isn’t Always Fast


Healing and hitting goals doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and persistence, great coaches, and the right tools.

5 years ago, doctors and therapists had no answers for my chronic back pain other than surgery.

4 years ago, I became a certified personal trainer and used what I learned about corrective exercise paired with anti-inflammatory work to fix my back, and went for my first run in years. I cried happy tears.

3 years ago, I started training with an advanced personal trainer, and got comfortable with barbell work and heavy lifting. He helped me with additional rehab and form.

And today, I shocked myself when my current coach told me to up my weights to 220 lbs and do one more lift. He works with elite athletes, and had such intuition for what you can do, even if you doubt yourself!

And I did. Without back pain.

Keep learning, keep growing, keep finding the answers to healing your body and feeling your best.

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