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Performance Supplements: Inspiring, Educating, and Fueling Active Lives The Gut Check: Nutrition and Gut Health for Recreational Athletes

If you ever use protein powders , collagen, or other performance supplements, you do NOT want to miss this episode.Did you know some protein powders contain more carbs than protein?Does your protein drink have protein from whey, casein, or soy? They don't have to specify. They can even use random amino acids to bulk it up, leaving you with a potentially incomplete protein.Did you know "grass fed" cows may only have one day of eating grass, if sources in the US?The economy is getting tighter, and the bottom line getting darker as companies try to cut corners to cut cost and/or boost profit.  You may be at risk of more contaminations, or at the very least, not getting what you think you are getting.  Join us for today's Gut Check episode with Duke Armstrong, CEO & Founder of the locally owned performance supplement company, Propello Life. We dive into the "behind the scenes" world of the supplement industry. He's had years of experience from Abbott to EAS and more, and shares on The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of the industry.Learn where your products are coming from , what's in them, and what different terms and certifications mean.Connect:Facebook: @propellolifeEmail: support@propellolife.comWebsite: PropelloLife.comDiscount: use this links with PromoCode DUBLINDIETITIAN to get 10% off your order! (and save the link and code for re-order later to continue getting discounts any time! I make no money off this; simply support the company and their products)Recommendations:We Do Science PodcastGut Check Podcast on SupplementsGut Check Podcast on Arthritis Research  Support the show
  1. Performance Supplements: Inspiring, Educating, and Fueling Active Lives
  2. Back to Basics on Healthy Eating
  3. Innovative Wellness with Dr. Thomas Morse and Steffany Morse
  4. Gut Check – Project Updates!
  5. Stephanie Shaw: Even one word a day can start to shift your life!

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