“Summer Slim in 60” Gut Health Challenge

You are invited to the Summer Slim in 60 Gut Health Challenge, kicking off on the first official day of summer: June 20th!

Kick start your journey to SUMMER SLIM IN only 60 DAYS! No exercise required! (though, it definitely boosts results!)

Gut health, food sensitivities, and inflammation have a HUGE impact on bloat, weight, energy, and so much more.

Stop following generic diet plans, and get YOUR perfect diet plan, based on lab work and inflammatory response.

Full Price: $1400, but discounted to $999 with code GUTHEALTH until June 10th!

Past participants reported:

  • Reduced belly bloat
  • Lost 5-25 lbs (avg 5-10%+ body wt)
  • Better sleep, higher energy
  • Less headaches, migraines, joint pain
  • Finally feeling “at home” in their own body
  • Improved GI issues
  • No longer feeling chained to the bathroom
  • Improved workout intensity
  • Feeling lighter on the tennis court
  • “I’m able to do ‘all the things’ now!”
  • “I feel like dancing!”

You will receive:

  • Group Kick-off Call
  • MRT Test Kit delivered to you*
  • Cookbook with template ideas to tailor to your food list
  • Graph of your progress
  • Educational Videos to watch at your own pace
  • Weekly check-in to keep you on track
  • Access to the VIP client page to help with accountability and support
  • 15% discount on any supplements you may want

*Program covers cost of test kit and lab report; does not cover the independent cost of lab draw fees. Each lab has their own rates, ranging $20-$50.

Are you at the “Just tell me what to eat” stage? Let’s do this!

*remember, use promo code GUTHEALTH to save over 25%! Good for Early Bird sign up until June 10th!

Ready to take back control?

Use promo code GUTHEALTH to save $400! Good for Early Bird registration, through June 10th!

You can read additional benefits clients have seen working with Kate here; and personal testimonials here.

Motivated by Results

Kate C.

My change came while working to correct lower back pain and stubborn “Buddha belly.” Getting the perfect diet for me sped up results in all I did – by day 10 on my PIDP list, my energy was THROUGH THE ROOF! I was recovering faster from my workouts, back and knee pain was gone, and I felt great!

As a bonus, people were commenting on how healthy and bright my eyes and skin looked, and I dropped almost 20 lbs in 2 months. I felt so good, that continuing this eating style is easy – I treat myself off-plan once a week, but work it in to my sustainable living.

Body Composition Goals

Tyler R.

The changes I saw over 60 days were surprising and at times a bit frustrating until I understood my body composition. I found out just how important it was to know my actual fat vs muscle vs overall weight, in relation to my goals, and overall health and wellness. While my pants were looser, my weight kept going up and I did not understand why until I stepped on a Body Composition Scale. From there I could see that while I was losing water weight and fat, I was increasing muscle mass, and that was why I was heavier. It was exciting seeing the graph depicting my progress. By using a Body Composition Scale during the 8 weeks, I saw my body fat percentage drop from 27% down to 19.5%!

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