Session Types

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Here’s a run down of the sequence I work through with one-on-one clients:

1. Get Acquainted Call
up to 20 minutes, no charge

What it is: 

  • A chance to get to know each other and see if we want to work together
  • A time for you to let me know your goals and basic health concerns, to see if it is an area in which I feel confident I can help you, or refer you out to someone who may be a better fit
  • A chance for me to explain my health and nutrition philosophies and coaching style, to see if it resonates with what you are looking for
  • A chance for you to ask a few basic questions about working with me

What is is NOT:

  • A chance to rapid-fire ask very specific health and nutrition questions
  • A session where I can give you recommendations, meal plans, or specific steps to take — without more information about your situation, your health, your medications/supplements, it would be irresponsible of me to make specific recommendations. For example, to tell you to take an iron supplement because you have symptoms associated with anemia could lead to health repercussions if you lab tests later showed you were not iron-deficient and now have iron buildup; or recommending a diet rich in leafy green salads or smoothies could back-fire and be dangerous if you were on a blood thinner.
2. Discovery Session
45-50 minute phone or Skype call, $100.
(This cost is then deducted out of your Nutrition Package if we move forward.)

What it is: 

  • A time dedicated to going over your Comprehensive Health History (which would be emailed to you, filled out, and returned to me BEFORE this session, as it is about 15 pages and would take time for me to read over, research, and prepare for.) Most health issues are a complex web of interactions. This is where we explore the path that may have lead you to your current state, so we can explore how to untangle it. Your tissues and cells are in constant communication, and what affects your skin, sinuses, or cognition, for example, may stem from your gut. Tick bites as a child can lead to Chronic Lyme Disease as an adult. One client I worked with was a “medical mystery” until we learned that he grew up near a nuclear waste site, playing in contaminated creek water every summer. 
  • A chance for us to determine a starting place for you, and for me to lay out a potential plan moving forward — the path may change as new clues and puzzle pieces come together, but I know that it helps to have some structure as a starting place!
  • A time to determine what your best package will be moving forward — how many sessions, how often, and if any Upgrades would be helpful for you (email access, check-in calls, tracking sites, etc)

What it is NOT:

  • A time to get a complete overhaul plan. Typically, if a person makes more than 3 new goals per week, they have an 80% likelihood of failing. Giving you a completely new nutrition, supplementation, and/or lifestyle plan means you will likely feel overwhelmed and have that 80% chance of not being able to follow through. And I do NOT want you to feel like… 1) I failed you as your health professional, 2) you failed yourself or didn’t have the willpower to reach your goals, or 3) that the program failed you, and that “it’s just in my genes” (it’s not! Genes can make it harder, but epigenetic studies show we can affect your genetic expression!)
  • A session to have all the answers. It will take time to gather the various puzzle pieces and get a complete picture.
3. Nutrition Sessions
Price can be variable, $149 for a single session
to $103/session in paid-in-full packaged sessions
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For new clients, I usually require a 4 month (8 session) minimum. You didn’t get sick overnight, and healing won’t happen immediately; and research shows 4 months is the minimum time to set new healthy routines that become permanent habits. Time is necessary to gradually introduce change and make it sustainable, do labs testing, and bring your body back in to balance.

These sessions have a lot of fluidity to them, and are individualized based on the client’s situation. But in general, a Nutrition Session would run in this fashion:

  1. Check in with you, see how things have been going, update on your progress
  2. Address any questions or concerns you had since the previous session
  3. Review any new information if applicable (if lab tests came back, for example)
  4. Professional Recommendation about next steps 
  5. Education and Discussion on the recommended steps in your healing process (I believe knowing WHY a recommendation is going to be beneficial help with committing to something new and sometimes difficult; but I want to discuss with you and make sure I’m meeting you where you are!)
  6. Setting 1-3 new goals for you to implement
  7. Determine expectations on both parties between now and the next session (ie: if I am to email you homework or an article; if you will need to follow up with your team or get blood work done)
  8. Confirm the next appointment time
  9. Wrap it all up and make sure you feel confident moving forward on your next lifestyle modification steps!


Be sure to read about Specials and Upgrades!