Financial Policy

An Explanation of Kate’s Financial Policy

As a Dietitian focusing on “Lifestyle As Medicine”, Kate is passionate about what she does and wants to ensure that each of her client gets her full attention and efforts. Due to the time it takes to prepare for a client session, as well as the research and coordination of care that often goes in to each client’s Plan, Kate does not pack her schedule back-to-back with 8 or more clients per day. Instead, she wants to be able to devote time to each session, as well as all the work that goes into creating a full lifestyle protocol for you! It is absolutely a full-time job when done well. She averages an additional 1.5-2.5 hours of client-related work outside of each session spent with a client; this does not include the additional time taken for continuing education and general nutritional research time.

Why Kate Does Not Accept Insurance 

Insurance does not cover virtual/telephone/Skype work. And as many of Kate’s clients are “seen” through these virtual mediums, it is 100% out of pocket. However, most clients find the care to be worth budgeting for, as it is an investment in their healing and quality of life!  Additionally, many clients are able to eventually get off of medications, saving money in the long-run.

Further, insurance companies often force a health professional’s hands to be tied. How often have you felt like you were rushed through a doctor visit, only asked a few questions about your main complaint for the day, little time given to hear your full story, and a very systematic prescription or protocol was given to you? Insurance looks at diagnoses, and when medications can be prescribed. Kate looks not at “diagnostic” lab levels, but at “optimal” levels, and works on prevention and management of symptoms while digging into tackling the root causes.

How much have you spent in time off work or school, drugs and/or surgery, and doctor visits?  Is it helping?  Kate’s goal is to identify the underlying reason you got your disease, and unwind the disease process.  You may spend a fair amount of money to get well, but once you know the puzzle pieces and can make the full plan, you are empowered to fly on your own!  The savings outweighs the costs of chronic illness long term.

We fully understand the financial challenges that truly getting well involves, but in most cases, this isn’t a lifetime endeavor.  The vast majority of clients have significant improvements within a few months.

Moreover, when practitioners bill health insurance companies directly, the providers are required to become “participating providers”. The provider must sign a contract that allows the insurance company to determine which services they will and will not provide and how much they can charge for those services, regardless of whether the fees are reasonable or applicable to that practice (“gag clause”.)

We can’t have it both ways: we can’t have GOOD QUALITY health care at discounted rates, in a 15 minute office visit.

Why sessions are bundled, not individual

If you and Kate agree in your Discovery Session that you are a good medical fit, you both must be committed, or it won’t work.  You will need to be dedicated to the process.  You will be asked to make nutrition and lifestyle changes, get current lab work, complete functional medicine testing, and more. From this, unrelated pieces of the puzzle will start to fit together. Kate will be putting together the clues and unraveling the mystery of your condition, combing over your past labs, looking for patterns, researching your condition, building custom protocols or treatment therapies…. and there’s no sense doing all of that if you don’t follow up.  We wish we could give you all the answers in one visit, but it may take some time to gather all the puzzle pieces.

We have no magic wand. But what Kate can do is be here to guide you as we gather those clues and put the evidence together – but a lot will also depend on the changes YOU make, the work YOU do at a sustainable pace that works for you and YOUR life. We do personalized planning, thus everyone has their own shifting timeline.

In those efforts, it is better to make small, sustainable changes over time.  Many doctors and health professionals are like Life Guards: they will give you a list of rules (ie: here are all the foods to eat, and the ones to avoid – now Good Luck!”) and then send you on your own, only jumping in when you actually start to drown. Think of Kate as more of a swim instructor: she will stand right there in the water with you, educate, demonstrate, guide you, assist you, watch you, and empower you to swim on your own. It takes time, but you will progress!

About the Charges for Services

By now you’re probably getting the message that this isn’t easy work.  Each package has research and protocol development time built in to account for the hours it takes behind-the-scenes to get you well!   We do hope you to understand that identifying root causes and preventive health care takes considerable time and expertise on the part of the health care practitioner and as they say “time is money”.  But we think money well spent.

Additionally, Kate is committed to continuing to learn, and keep on the cutting edge of nutrition research. Thus, she devotes quite a bit of time and invests thousands of dollars in functional medicine training. She also must cover malpractice insurance, her own health care as a self-employed professional, fees for functional medicine forums, new textbooks, seminars, subscription services, office supplies and more.

About the Charges for Supplements

Kate recommends nutritional supplements to boost lifestyle modification if they are needed. This approach is central to the well-researched and science-based practice of functional medicine.   They work, with minimum or few side effects.  Kate recommends professional grade, therapeutic, quality nutritional supplements as a service to her patients via a few distributors.  With supplements, “you get what you pay for” and cheaper items are generally of poor quality, less bio-available, and higher risk of being contaminated or ineffective. So she does not feel responsible recommending many of these types of supplements.

You are welcome to shop around, but you may be taking your own well-being away from a researched plan, if so.  At the time of this writing the FDA doesn’t monitor supplements.  That is good news and bad news – it’s become the wild, wild west as unscrupulous companies do anything to make a buck.  The professional quality supplement products are more costly -but it’s because they voluntarily do 3rd party testing of both raw and finished products, and they meet GMP and US Pharmacopia standards, which are expensive certifications to earn.

So what ARE the Prices?

You can read about Session types and pricing here.


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Struggling with Cost?
There are a lot of foundational steps that can be taken by many people with a host of health issues, that would be similar. Kate is in process of creating a Small Group package that would include online videos, a workbook, and Facebook Group. It is in the works, but would allow a lower price point. If you are interested in joining the Waiting List for the group, please fill out the Contact Form and let Kate know so she can keep you posted! Be sure to include what your story is: your diagnosis, symptoms, concerns.