A range of top-level packages to help you achieve the results you’re after. Whatever your current level of health and fitness is, as long as you are ready to commit, there is a program to get you to your goals.


Phoenix Reset Program

Create a new vision of YOU, and rise into your full potential with a new mindset, resilient lifestyle, and nutrition protocol to shed weight and boost energy fast!

  • 90 days
  • Facebook group access
  • Goal-setting session
  • Healing food list
  • Cookbook with meal prep help for each week
  • Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Guidance
  • Weekly modules and lesson on the science of lifestyle
  • Psycho-cybernetics e-book to help retrain your subconscious and sustain your results!


Personal ImmunoCalm Diet

Freedom through discipline: a personalized food list just for you, so you know exactly what to eat for optimal health, digestion, and energy

  • 60 days
  • Facebook group access
  • Goal-setting session
  • Personalized food list based on your blood work to determine the best starting place for your goals
  • Cookbook with meal planning help
  • Functional Medicine Health History and lab review
  • MRT Food Sensitivity Kit
  • Weekly modules to guide you through


Empowered Healing Program

Combine the lifestyle revitalization of the Phoenix with the scientific diet of the ImmunoCalm protocol and get 20% off. The absolute best way to jump start your health & wellness.

  • 12 weeks
  • Everything from the Phoenix Program
  • Everything from the Personal Diet Program
  • GI-MAP test to asses your microbiome, digestion, leaky gut, and inflammation
  • 15% off any supplements you order
  • Save 20% with the bundle
  • The most popular Program!


The THRIVE Package

Concierge-style nutrition service – unlimited support and planning. For those who love data, and want to understand what is going on at a deep level in their bodies.

  • 1 year of concierge-style service
  • Unlimited text, email, phone support
  • Everything from the Empowered Healing Program
  • Second “After” GI-MAP test to determine progress
  • Comprehensive Adrenal Health and Cortisol Stress Test
  • Micronutrient Profile
  • Versatile and highly personalized lab recommendations
  • Menu plans and shopping lists
  • 20% off any supplements you order


  • Real-Time food and symptom log review
  • Weekly (or biweekly) coaching calls
  • Accountability check-ins as needed
  • Daily text access to Kate Mon-Fri for immediate help

“I’m gonna keep on reaching for the next level
I’m gonna keep on searching for it forever
The Next Level…
Let’s get to work.”

-Lyrics by Zayde Wolf, Next Level

Let’s get to work!

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