Balancing lifestyle habits to find your optimal health

Helping you find your best

Next Level Health Programs

To help reduce cost, these are pre-made programs with food plans, recipes, and supplements. Includes Facebook group support,

Three levels, depending what your comfort level is, and what your goals are.

Lone Wolf Individual Sessions

One-on-one video-chat based Personal Training, or Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching.


Discounts during the Covid-19 outbreak to help provide more affordable from-home nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle help.

Includes Goal Setting sessions, and simple accountability check-ins to help you find and stick to your New Normal routine.

New Clients always start with a phone call. I want to hear your story! Once you call, we can determine the best program for you, and then I can email you starting information. So read more about each of the services above, or click the “Book Appointment” below to select which time you’d like to receive your starting call. I look forward to talking with you!

Coach Kate

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