Rise up, start fresh, get educated, be empowered to take control of your health!

A great program for people who have been confused on what to eat, and how to make changes. Brush off the ashes of your past habits, and get moving on something new. Supplements help reduce cravings and boost your nutrient health.

#FlattenTheCurve sale: To help people get their health under control, I’m offering my service at no extra charge for this program. Simply sign up and purchase the supplements, and I’ll help you with the 3 phone calls, and the Facebook support group at no extra cost!

#WeAreInThisTogether: Cost is $125

-Clients often see 3-10 lb weight loss on the program, and can continue on their own for even more results!
-Improved digestion, sleep, energy
-Empowered to understand food choices







Cost Includes:
-3 phone calls to help set goals, check in, wrap up
-Lists of foods to eat
-Lists of foods to avoid
-Portion size examples
-Facebook support group
-Supplements below




Phoenix Supplements:

-Multivitamin protein powder with fiber




Ready to Rise Up?

You pick the time, and I’ll give you a call. We’ll get you set up with a Get Healthie account (HIPAA Privacy-protected place to chat, share documents), and a Thorne account so you can order the supplements.

I’m excited to help you get going!