I offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Whatever your current level of health and fitness is, as long as you’re ready to commit, there’s a program to help boost you to the Next Level.


Life is different with staying in so much! You’re out of the gym, and mere steps away from your kitchen. If you just need a little push to get back to a healthier “New Normal” routine, this is the package for you! Short 10-15 minute phone calls and periodic text/messenger notes to remind you to stay on track. Examples include:

  • Morning focus call
  • Verbal nudge to do your home workout or go for a walk
  • Lunch time reminder to stretch and do 15 minutes of chair yoga
  • Late afternoon call to ensure you don’t snack

“I’m gonna keep on reaching for the next level
I’m gonna keep on searching for it forever
The next level
Let’s get to work”

-Lyrics by Zayde Wolf, Next Level

Next Level Nutrition Programs

Level 1:
Phoenix Rebirth

14 Day program: Starting nutrition and lifestyle changes to manage your health and make it stick. For people newer to healthy eating.

Read more, and become a Phoenix here

Level 2:
Warrior Wolf

21 Day program: A low-inflammatory, immune-strengthening, energy-boosting program to enhance your weight loss or fitness progress. For those who already have a basic habit of generally healthy eating, and want to boost it.

Read more and become a Wolf here

Level 3:
Lion Leader

28-day program: An intense elimination diet for the intense warrior! Personalized program that uses the MRT Blood Test to determine YOUR specific food sensitivities. Become a leader in health, and find your best You yet.

Read more, and become a Lion here

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