VIP Adventure Nutrition Experience

Menu Planning….

One of the best habits to have, to feel better, lose weight, and hit fitness goals.

Yet also one of the things people feel the most frustration with.

  • “I’m frustrated and out of ideas”
  • “I hate doing it”“
  • Please, just tell me what to eat!”
  • “It sucks more than anything has ever sucked before”

So, you asked, and we answered!

I am rolling out menu plans! AND you can customize them if you don’t absolutely love everything I put on there for you!

But here’s the truth…

Having a plan is just the first step. The perfect plan doesn’t matter if you don’t have a little boost to help you actually stick with it.

Introducing… The VIP Adventure Nutrition Experience!

Combining a menu plan with community accountability, and – because I’m still a coach and educator at heart – optional free educational tidbits along the way.

  • Each week, a healthy menu plan will be released, and set the foundation. You can adapt the recipes and food options as desired, or follow along the foundation menu structure.
  • 3-5 days planned per week that you can select from
  • Fully customizable
  • Tracks calories and macronutrients
  • Can do a full swap if you need a special diet style (ie: low histamine, low FODMAPS, keto, etc)

    You can check out this video for a preview on how the menu portion would work!

But what about that accountability and support?


It will NOT be on Facebook – too many things fall through the cracks there, and people often are overwhelmed with notifications. So we will have an exclusive app JUST for this!

For those who members of the VIP Adventure Nutrition Experience, we will use the platform, GetHealthie, to not only share our progress, get help with swaps, and stay accountable to your team, but there will be a private group chat, a “Power Half Hour” educational session each month, additional handouts and tools, and 3 small group coaching calls each week (recorded for replay abilities)

You can also get discounts on private coaching calls if you want some additional support.

The VIP Adventure Nutrition Experience includes:

  • Exclusive app for support
  • Community support, interaction, and motivation
  • Educational tips on healthy living
  • Free monthly webinars with other dietitians I am partnering with
  • Additional recipe options

Ready to claim your space on the VIP team?

Feel free to share this exciting opportunity and discount code with friends. Let’s get this party started, Team!

Have a great one, stay strong, stay empowered.


ps – interested in just the menus, and not the rest of it? You can read more about that option here!

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