Collagen, Joint Health, and Athletics

This article was also shared on Propello Life’s blog here. If you would like to try any of their supplements, use promo code DublinDietitian for 10% off! I make no profit on that; simply sharing a product I believe in, and small local business I love! Collagen supplements have been making a lot of headlinesContinue reading “Collagen, Joint Health, and Athletics”

The Gut Check Ep 07 – Prescribed Therapeutic Diets

(You can watch the video below, or listen to a Podcast version on-the-go here!) TALKING ABOUT THERAPEUTIC USE OF DIETS! Specifically, what you should be aware of if you’re told to follow a true keto diet (vs “low carb”), a low FODMAP diet, or the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) diet. Why does a doctor recommend one? And do you really need toContinue reading “The Gut Check Ep 07 – Prescribed Therapeutic Diets”